Ahmad Ramzy

Ahmad Ramzy obtained his law degree from the Faculty of Sharia and Law of the State Islamic University in Jakarta in 2009 and earned a master of law in the field of Criminal Justice System in 2012 at the University of Indonesia with final paper “Conciliation In Islamic Criminal Law and Implementation of The Restorative Justice System Associated With The Indonesian Criminal Law Reform”. He began the practice of litigation and non – litigation since 2010 and licensed as a lawyer of PERADI in 2014. Mr. Ramzy has been handling criminal cases, both the General and Special Crime cases, and also handling cases in District Courts, Religious Courts, Administrative Courts and the Commercial Court.

Now he is also active in various organizations , namely as Chairman of DPW APSI Jakarta (Asosiasi Pengacara Syariah Indonesia), member of PERADI DPC South Jakarta, ILUNI (Ikatan Alumni Universitas Indonesia), and during as a student he also as the board of HMI (Himpunan mahasiswa Islam) branch of Ciputat.

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